Welcome to the Joey Bayles website. This site is dedicated to both the memory of my Father-Hero and to my support and work with the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

In 1997, world-class cyclist Lance Armstrong was diagnosed with testicular, abdomen, lung, and brain cancer. He was given less than a 40% chance of survival. Against all odds, he survived the disease and has gone on to win four consecutive Tour de France titles. Now at 31, Lance won his fifth title. After battling the disease and winning, Lance has founded the Lance Armstrong Foundation, a grassroots organization which through fundraising and donations raises money to help find a cure, prevent and keep people like Lance in remission.

I have joined the LAF as a Peleton Project member, and will be participating in the "Ride for the Roses", the 100-mile charity bike ride associated with the LAF.

I lost my father to cancer June 20th of 2003, and most of us have experienced a friend or family member who has suffered from this disease.

My goal is to raise as much money as I can to help make a difference in the progress toward a cure, toward prevention and to keep people survivors.

I am taking donations for the 2005 Lance Armstrong Foundation Peloton Project. Please help me help cancer research by clicking here or on the picture above and donate to the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

Thank You
Joey Bayles

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